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If you have lost or cannot remember your password, or are having problems signing in, do the following.

Fill in the form above. Be sure to enter your email address. If you cannot remember your email address, read on for further instructions.

Check your email for a link to reset your password. When you enter it, you will not have to remember your old password. Type in your new password and then submit your response. Your new password is now the password to your account and you should be logged in successfully.

If you are still unable to sign in, check to make sure you have typed your email correctly. Mistakes happen. Other reasons why you may not be able to sign in include not having a registered account to the email you are using, in which case signing up for a new one or changing your old email address to a new one will solve this issue. You have deleted your account, in which case you will have to register for a new profile. The administrator has disabled your account, in which case you would receive an error stating as such when trying to sign in. Or in the unlikely event you never received a reset password email or for any other inquiries, use the contact form to let administrators know to help you resolve your problem.

If necessary, administrators have the ability to update a new password for you as well as a new email address so that you can gain access to your profile as soon as possible. If you would like this to be done for you, please state in detail what changes should be made, including updating any posts, settings or privacy and it will happen. This service is provided in situations where a member has trouble accessing certain areas of the site, cannot access their account or may not be online long to update posts and profile settings. We take your privacy and security seriously at Cosmic Nation, although we are a fun and family friendly site, we are also a helping hand to people in need which means we look out for each other. Administrators would never do this without your written consent.

It is a good idea to keep your password and login credentials updated for your information to be changed as needed. Best practices for such activity are once every month, three months, six months to a year at most especially if you have a lot of active accounts used for transmitting sensitive data. As an example, if any administrator of Cosmic Nation no matter how active the site gets has not logged in for over three months, administrator permissions for that member are removed until that member has signed in for more than a week. Such members would need to talk to an existing administrator before regaining their administrator status back, if desired. This and other security measures such as data encryption have been put in place to protect you and us so we can stay safe together.