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Classifieds » Products » Selling Laptop Bundle

Selling Laptop Bundle


I'm selling a server laptop I no longer need and a pleasure laptop. The server laptop has 4 Gigs of ram, Intel Core I3 4th generation with integrated graphics and is a Dell Lattitude with 320 Gigs of space. The pleasure laptop is an Asus with 8 gigs of ram, an intel 7th gen Core i7 CPU and dedicated NVIDIA 1080GPU with 2 gigs of memory and 250 gigs of space.

They are older devices, but the majority of you will enjoy smooth experience for years to come. The server laptop best runs Windows 7 or Linux. While the pleasure laptop is limited to Windows 10. I'm selling them as a bundle and can include them with whatever you want on them by default. Both are in good condition with some dust, however the battery on the server laptop has a shorter life span than the pleasure laptop. They run well, no problems.

Name your price. Message me, I'll ship anywhere.