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    Elshara Silverheart Remember I hinted I might discontinue the social share links? Now I made it official. We're 100% independent. You can still find the buttons on our announcements page. But we refuse to be held down by go woke go broke organizations who censor everything...  more

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Reaching Out To You In June 2021

  • First of all, welcome to Soul Emergence Community. It's been awhile since I've reached out, but business is picking up and I've covered a lot of topics since December.

    As you know, corona Virus is still with us. I've posted a few theories about its grand purpose on this planet. You can find them below.

    Clown World Emergence

    Performing Weather Manipulation Has Far Reaching Implications

    My apologies in advance if you know anyone whose suffered from its effects. Essentially however, political partisan messages have been blowing this situation way out of league and of course my response to all of this is. Just hold on to the love in your heart for whom you care for most and let go of the hatred.

    Cosmic Friendship wasn't actually getting the name change I needed to bring a powerful punch back as a brand. So it went from Soul Awakening to Soul Emergence Community. Everyone still knows this is the same Cosmic Nation that took over from United Starseeds back in 2015. We have a plethora of domains to match our brand covering a variety of different topics. Who cares what SEO says, I do branding my own way and yes people are coming to realize that in a very strong and powerful way. Which is all the better, because I once again own the server and the hosting rights that big tech would pay to silence for regarding the topics we talk about. It's a good thing I'm tech savvy.

    We're on Social Engine for now, but I'm looking into other options because videos won't post and I refuse to pay for someone to fix it. PHPFox was causing issues upgrading and I found out, that platform has centralized hosting. All their apps rely on it, and they can shut us down from the cloud if they don't like us. I refuse to be and support silencing and shadow banning of anybody. So they can kiss me as a customer goodbye. The same is true for Una, Ning and all the others who continuously violate the web standard of the Internet Freedom Foundation was built on. IT falls to content creators and social web activists like us to hold up the hallmark of what once was the right to free expression online, not just free speech.

    I'm coming to realize, nestalgia is a double edged sword. But we're not at the hilt of it. Rather, we're the blade of that sword. No matter how sharp we are, we'll be in use until we're retired and put to rest with the love and the enlightenment we have been able to achieve. Yes, that's coming.

    I wrote a few articles on that subject. You can find them here.

    5D Explained

    The 3 Generations Of Lightworkers

    The Meaning Of 144 Starseeds

    I also opened up a questions and answers forum. So in case you ever get lost on any subject, you can find an overview of how that area functions here.

    A General FAQ Overview

    I wrote another series of articles on the concept of the pentagram protecting Earth.

    You Are What You Wish For

    Creating Your Magical Centre

    The Ascension Begins With Soul Memories

    I did some site design changes, though many of these work in the background. I hope it's easier to navigate the site as I did try to make page loads and useless sidebars less of a problem. I kept the share buttons in case you want to reach out to social media. Though in light of what they're doing, I might take them out. What do you think. Should they stay? Let me know in this poll.

    Is Social Media Relevant Depending ON Political Affiliation

    On June 20th 2021, I'm hosting an online event with several people participating called the clearing of the veil and reawakening manifestation. You are welcome to join me if you like. More details are found on the overview page.

    Clearing The Way for Manifestation To Begin Via Veil Deprecation

    I created a group so that we could create a metaphysical library of things we hold close to us in spirit. Maybe you can see it as a living guide book to the running of life as a psychic.

    Metaphysical Library

    I'm no longer using Skype. But have switched over to telegram permanently. The reason again is due to online censorship. You can find me there.

    Elshara Silverheart Profile On Telegram

    And our group there which I'll be using to host the live meditation session on the summer solstice.

    Soul Awakening Telegram Group

    Not bad for a month's work. Don't you think? We've gotten a few new members, averaging about 200000 page views a day and have been online off and on, but mostly on without interruptions for about 7 years now. I feel restless when I'm away from my home away from home, but at peace knowing it's a stable place I am able to provide for all of us. And I hope you are able to appreciate the significance and companionship of spiritual fellowship as I do.

    With that being said, check out what's new for yourself as you like and I hope to see you around soon.

    Thank you for continuing to be with me on this journey we share together.

    With much love and light to you, and much more going on behind the scenes. I wish you well, and abundantly blessed.


    Elshara Silverheart On Soul Emergence Community