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Our Soul Awakens

  • Welcome to Soul Awakening.

    Discovering soul knowledge, psychic abilities, energy healing, elemental magic and friendship among the fairer beings of the universe.

    Enjoying moments together as we are incarnate on Earth. May you freely thrive. United in the presence of love and light.

    This is who we are. A community front and centre to the dawn of a new age. A group of individuals separated by location, united by vision. Souls unbound wanting a new home. People trapped by the system, freed by the following mission.

    To unite our long lost star families, and other soul mates together in a free universe. To bring change and peace to Earth. To replace the veil and closed star gate system with an open minded, fair and just intergalactic multidimensional civilization. To break the secrecy acts of the elite and provide factual education for all people on the soul level. To ensure no matter what body you are incarnated in, you will always be accepted for who you are. To commend the efforts of those rediscovering their soul history, and provide a way to self manage all memories treasured within the depths of our existence. To reconnect with the source realm and restore this cycle to its promised state of nirvana. And to build a vibrant future full of diversity, love, laughter and fulfilling ideals.

    Here's the catch. We can't do this alone. What we want from you, is a commitment to assist where your talents hold strong and true. This mission is a global agenda we the people have created in order to end the tyrannical isolation plaguing us by world governance and deep pockets. We are not a charity, we are not a gang, we are not a fellowship. We are a family of innocence and whose soul intention is to restore the state of peace we had before the Orion war came into being.

    Simply put, we are people who will not accept being lost, abandoned or taken for granted anymore. What unites us, is new hope. Found by those who seek to become the very definition of a traveller at heart. We deserve a home that greets us, an adventure to explore that seeks for us and a vibrant and active ocean of knowledge that keeps us thriving no matter which role we take. The choice is ours, it always has been and always will be the mark of our enlightenment.

    You have a place in a world deserving of your name. One you choose when you are conscious of it, not one forced on you at your birth by someone else. No longer are we going to live by one world's ever changing rules. We will make our own, and have our own worlds to do more than play god with. Our isolation and discord is at an end. The time for amnesia is over. The age of burgeoning peace is here to stay.

    Let this be an abject lesson to all who seek to punish us for future reference. All that matters is the knowledge of our potential, and those able to strengthen its call by our hand alone as an independent power base. Be silent no more, speak your mind loudly and proudly, declare your birth right and find your soul has been set free for such an embrace. We deserve to be remembered for the desire we have from within. We shall benefit most from its investment in our life hence fourth.

    To get to this point, 3 things must occur. Remove the veil from Earth only allowing spirit and shadow to pass into the physical world through the manifestation of psychic abilities. Activate the pentagram portal system surrounding this planet's aura which in turn will activate the star gates running through the messenger world. Unite the 5 realms of celestial, spirit, shadow, mage and fae origins. Once that is done, perform the awakening ritual on the next available spring equinox and prepare for a disclosure the likes of which has not been seen here since the birth of humanity. Become aware of the form your spirit takes and shift into it, so we may once again tap into the full consciousness of who we are. this is the potential locked away, lost to us through religious obedience. It will be ours once again, without any overlord denying us passage beyond this place whether we are incarnate or not.

    There's a reason what you think is fictional is real, and what you know to limit the concept of reality has been put in place. Removing such a limit will take time to properly manifest, however it will be achieved within our lifetime. Tentatively we are aiming for mid 2023 if not sooner as the existence of the global shut down has massively increased this effort and movement up from 2035 by 12 years. We are preparing for change as best we can, one that will bring about the return to innocence within a galactic sphere of consciousness.

    For the past 11 years, I have been dedicated towards the awakening of starseeds and lightworkers on Earth. I will continue to offer a community free of charge to anyone interested in holding the flame alive along with me. Come join us if you wish. We have relocated several times to avoid chaotic disruptions, and can currently be found here.

    I promise you this, we are not alone.