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The Impact Of Spiritual Understanding

  • How Has Your Awareness Changed You?

    A lot of the time, we don't realize how special we are without any strings attached. There's been a lot of points along my life where I've reflected upon questions I simply keep revisiting.

    1. What's the greatest lie ever told to me?

    2. What's the most shocking truth I've ever discovered?

    3. Where have I felt the most empowered or inspired, and why?

    4. How can I remain unchanged, in a world which changes around me?

    The key focus in my mind, has always been wisdom. If there's knowledge to what someone says, that information had to come from somewhere. In order to combat the duality of social requirements, we must adapt our focus so that the equality of people and objects not through control, but through focus, can become our reality.

    We do so in three ways. Subsequently after achieving this change in our own lives, we will experience a realignment of desire and needs, as both will be unified, not separated. The questions detailed above, act as a guide to how well the transition phase from a reality of control, to a reality of focus happens on an individual basis.

    1. What's the greatest lie ever told to me? That I can't change something. Not having the knowledge to adapt to an unfamiliar environment, doesn't mean it isn't possible. Truth and lies, are a game of focus versus control. Truth is a singular means of expressing control over focus. To lie, does not mean to avoid the truth. A lie however dishonest, is an unsupported focus which cannot be controlled by one that is blind to its creation. Truth and lies don't control how factual something is, be it an event, or a time line of circumstances. You embody your own beliefs as we experienced shared reality together by means of creating a space to rely on one another. To do so as equals, we need to focus our efforts collectively so we may establish a common truth, that cannot be a lie. rather than accuse someone of lying and not telling the truth we already know so it can be regulated through control of a shared focus.

    2. What's the most shocking truth I ever discovered? My life is my own. One of the problems living in a shared reality, is that we forget how to be who we are. It is not egocentric to put yourself as a high priority, because you're focusing on understanding and improving you. Forgetting who you are, happens by forced acknowledgement of others and their interest in a shared focus based on  singular minded constructs, rather than ones of equal design.

    3. Where have I felt the most empowered or inspired, and why? By knowing who I'm not. I know what I won't do if my focus is steadfast. I know what I would do if I was forced to do it. Such enforcement would or could mean I would do something I normally wouldn't. But having said that, if I'd do it anyways, I wouldn't think about it. Subconscious action is why we are empowered or inspired, as we agree with the nature of how it came into being.

    4. How can I remain unchanged, in a world where everything changes around me? Think passion over will. Will over spirit. Spirit over mind. Mind over body. Body over thought. Thought over focus. Focus over control. We are what we create.