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Psychic Mediums

  • There are 3 different types of mediums on Earth, not all of whom speak to the dead. Mediumship is a psychic art that lets channels communicate soul to soul with other beings through thought and feeling via frequency alignment. In detail, I will share with you the materialization of this gift helping souls find their voice through physical mediums<./p>

    Physical mediums are an emerging class of truly gifted people. Not just because they have the ability to use their body as a host for the dead, but because they can see through one of the 3 main dimensions and directly interact with energy portals that are able to come through them. Lets show you the proof.


    From UFOTV®, accept no imitations. Breakthrough scientific evidence for the afterlife. The Scole Experiments. For five years a group of mediums and scientists witnessed more phenomena than in any other experiment in the history of the paranormal, including recorded conversations with the dead, written messages on sealed film, video of spirit faces and even spirit forms materializing. These experiments may finally convince you there is life after death. The scientific team in change of overseeing these experiments include world renowned Cambridge Scientist - Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, Dr. David Fontana and Researcher Montague Keen who died during the filming of the documentary.

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    Robin and Sandra Foy - Co-Founders of The Spiritual Science Foundation

    The Scole Experiment

    Robin and Sandra Foy both have almost 45 years' intensive experience of personally developing, witnessing and/or being intimately associated with Physical Mediumship and Physical Phenomena. As well as being involved in an extensive series of their own home circles (including some in Romford and Harold Wood early in their marriage 39 years ago) to develop phenomena over the years with varying results, they have also had the opportunity to sit with a great number of demonstrating physical mediums, many of whom are (or were) well known in this field. These include: Leslie Flint, Gordon Higginson, John Squires, Geoffrey Jacobs, Paul McElhoney, Colin Fry, Stewart Alexander, David Thompson, Mavis King, Tom and Linda Anderson, the Yellow Cloud Circle in France, the Theatre School Circle in Streatham, Scott Milligan, Kai Muegge and Sandy Horsford.

    Through their long involvement, they have gained extensive knowledge and experience of the different ways in which physical phenomena can be produced by the Spirit Teams attached to various circles, mediums and groups. They would now like to share this unique knowledge and expertise with other dedicated groups and serious researchers. The crowning glory of their experiences to date is their constant involvement in the now famous 'Scole Experiment' which mainly took place at their farmhouse home in the village of Scole (Norfolk, East Anglia UK) over a 5-year period from 1993 to 1998. During this period, Robin and Sandra were the only people in the world who were able to personally witness ALL 1,000+ hours of physical phenomena in their 'Scole Experimental Group', where their two physical medium friends, Diana and Alan Bennett remained in deep trance throughout their many experimental sessions. This special Experimental Group at Scole has become quite famous in the last 20 years, and there is a planned big-screen movie about the 'Scole Experiment' currently in the pipeline.

    Robin Foy was the Co-Founder of the ISM (Institute of Spiritualist Mediums) Home Circle Link in the 1980's and the personal Founder of the Noah's Ark Society in 1990. He remained its Chairman until September 1994. In 1992, he was also the Co-Founder of the Scole Experimental Group and, later, of the New Spiritual Science Foundation. This pioneering group demonstrated spectacular physical phenomena to the public (and to scientific investigators who were senior members of the SPR - Society for Psychical Research) in the UK, in Ibiza, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Ireland (Eire) as well as in California (USA).

    Several Seminars were undertaken, many of which allowed delegates to join the Group in an experimental session to experience the pioneering energy-based phenomena for themselves. The Spirit Team at Scole frequently described both Robin and Sandra as 'Ambassadors for the Spirit World', and (as septuagenarians) this is exactly what they now consider their 'official' job to be.

    Since 2009, Robin has run a FREE website (funded entirely from his own pocket) - Physical Mediumship 4U where he has been able to help and advise many members all over the world (who have successfully started experimental groups) to develop physical phenomena in either of the two recognised formats (ectoplasm-based or energy-based).

    Eleven months ago - at the specific request of the Foys' Spirit Team, Robin single-handedly founded the Spiritual Science Foundation, for the purpose of Buying; Refurbishing and Running a unique specialist Centre in Antequera, Andalucía, Spain (the actual property was chosen by Spirit over 11 years ago!!) - for the Scientific Study of; the Development of; the Demonstration of and Education about Physical Mediumship and Physical Phenomena in both the Ectoplasmic-Based and the newer Energy-Based formats. The Foundation already has over 290 members!!

    This Foundation is actually a fully International non-profit Organisation, and our first priority currently is to raise sufficient cash to buy the property in Spain that our Spirit Team want us to have in order to open the Specialist Centre for Physical Mediumship and its Phenomena that is so important to them and to their future plans. Here is a Link to our current 'Crowdfunding' Page: Open Center For Physical Mediumship On Go Fund Me

    There will be much to look forward to for all members once the Centre is open. It is planned to have a 'core' residential in-house Experimental Group (potentially Robin and Sandra's current home circle) for the demonstration of Physical Mediumship and its Phenomena, which will be named the 'Torcal Experimental Group', and the plan is to also feature demonstrations by other GENUINE and powerful visiting Physical Mediums (working in both the energy-based and ectoplasmic-based formats), such as our Vice-President - German Physical Medium Kai Muegge - who is one of the World's best-known and respected ectoplasm-based demonstrating physical mediums today.

    Furthermore, we expect - through the Centre - to be instrumental in advising and helping with the development of even more potential new Physical Mediums till they reach the demanding standard needed to themselves demonstrate GENUINE Physical Mediumship.

    Robin has given numerous Radio and Television interviews regarding the Scole Group and its experiences over the years, as well as talks and lectures on the subject of Scole and Physical Mediumship generally (in its two different forms)

    In 1996, Robin published his first book - In Pursuit of Physical Mediumship (available from Janus Publishing Co Ltd. or

    His Latest Book - Witnessing the Impossible - (Torcal Publications) was published a few years ago, and is the only complete record of every sitting of the Scole Experimental Group. This popular book is only available direct from Witnessing the Impossible



    PRESIDENT: Robin Foy VICE-PRESIDENT: Kai Muegge (Physical Medium)

    CHAIRMAN: Giovanni Formosa

    SECRETARY: Alison Formosa

    TREASURER: Sandra Foy + EDUCATION OFFICER: Susanne Glassup

    PUBLICITY OFFICER: Mike Glassup + USA REPRESENTATIVE: Susan Barnes (Medium)

    FUNDRAISING OFFICER: Annette Rodgers (Medium)

    The Spiritual Science Foundation is a non-profit fully International Organisation that was created in July 2017 by Robin and Sandra Foy at the specific request of their Spirit Friends. It has been created in order to Buy; Refurbish and Run a unique specialist Centre in Antequera, Andalucía, Spain - for the Scientific Study of Spiritual Science; the Development of; the Demonstration of and Education about Physical Mediumship and Physical Phenomena in both the Ectoplasmic-Based and the newer Energy-Based formats.

    SPIRITUAL SCIENCE IS THE PURE SCIENCE OF LIFE AND THE AFTERLIFE Robin and Sandra were intimately involved with the now famous 'Scole Experiment' which took place mainly at their home - Street Farmhouse - in the small village of SCOLE, on the border of Norfolk and Suffolk, East Anglia, in the UK between 1993 and 1998

    A Big-Screen Movie is currently planned about the 'Scole Experiment'.

    This Experiment (in Physical Mediumship and its Phenomena) went much further than any other projects at that time in proving the reality of 'Life After Death' in a Scientific way.

    Both Robin and Sandra have 45 years' hands-on experience in the specialist field of Physical Mediumship and its tangible Phenomena, and are among the most knowledgeable experts in the world today regarding this rare and unique aspect of psychic Mediumship.


    Now we want to recruit as many more 'Associate Members' as possible during 2018 - all over the world - who will benefit from 'Priority Booking' and special Financial Discounts at all Foundation Events (including demonstrations of Physical Mediumship), once the Centre at Antequera is up and running later this year - 2018.

    ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP ONLY COSTS €20 EUROS All Membership Fees will go towards the Buying and Maintenance of the Centre. To join the Spiritual Science Foundation as an 'Associate Member', simply go to Pay Pal and send €20 Euros as a 'Personal Payment' to email address: This email address is also our dedicated SSF account address at PayPal. Please Note: You do not need to have a PayPal account to do this PayPal accept Credit and Debit Cards

    Please enclose a note of your name; email address and country of residence so we can send you the Spiritual Science Foundation's regular Newsletters; Correspondence and Bulletins. I will respond to you with your membership details within a couple of days.


    Now, I wish to point out a few things. What we're seeing, is the reversal of paranormal possession. Traditionally this would be achieved using an already physical vessel as ones own. Unlike souls who move things in your home in ghost form, a physical medium materializes a body for a soul to inhabit which lets them interact with the material world easier.

    1. Physical mediumship, is one of the few manifestation energies coming to this planet now and has been for quite some time. It is a psychic bridge linking the astral world to the physical. It is the world you will notice just prior to birth and post death. the astral world bridges the etheric world, which is the world where you regain all your soul memories of past lives.

    2. Physical mediums as seen here, are the very basic level integration to spiritual contact. They don't represent lightworkers, or starseeds. They represent Earthly contact between one or more spirits from this plain who have yet to cross over the bridge to the etheric, as they are still maintaining their form in the astral, the same connection and identity they used while here. This is why time travel is often seen, as their own past life history has not reached these spirits, and so they feel they have to stay connected to this world because they don't realize crossing over to the etheric will let them come back here if they choose to enter that portal.

    3. there's 3 main portals. the astral world, is a spiritual dimension consisting of people who cross over prebirth and post death. There is where spirit gets used to being inside forms, or physical vessels. that is where bodies are assigned, holding their essence in place during their stay here. The astral world is mixed between people who know who they are, and those who do not. Most who only remember their Earth lives, remain there as that is where they believe they have met their family members who have cross over. It is also a guardian dimension to this plain, as spirit can travel where manifestation cannot through objects.

    4. The etheric world is where you have the option to remember your actual soul, and experience the white light people talk about. As a spirit, you can travel freely between such dimensions, but letting go of your attachment to just your life you just had prior to doing so lets you integrate easier with this world. And so, people who are called angels, who are actually celestials, come to the etheric world to cross over to other star systems and it is here where the star gates are kept for other planetary systems inhabited by other physical vessels. Work has been made through the celestial flame to integrate the etheric with the astral to help provide a clearer spiritual and otherworldly material presence in this dimension. Not including the physical time portals and other places UFOs can travel, as a result of this.

    5. The third world linked into this system, is more of a dimension than anything else. Space is what ties all the dimensions together. However what keeps them separated so much, is the very existence of this world. Called the metaportal. The metaportal allows spirits to rebirth themselves without having to go through the veil of amnesia. this is why you will see a lot of child proteges return here, as they have direct psychic links to their previous lives as maintained through the metaportal. It is also or once was, highly guarded by the astral warriors, who didn't like this portal being used by many people. So not many who remembered their lives before, could enter here and cause much disruption. this process is changing, as its discovery blocked etheric entrance directly. As we adapt to its influence, we realize that to work with its design may be easier long term, than having to ignore it. So it is being used more and more since the turn of the 21st century to bring enlightenment directly to Earth not just through physical reincarnation, but through metaphysical energies and thought forms transformed to ideas for any open mind and or heart who is able to understand objective or observational connections between living objects in the physical world. This portal and its awakening has given rise to etheric and astral spirits communicating with regular energetic mediums, which is why we have physical mediums on this planet now. Of course its discovery as an ancient portal relatively speaking means that it wasn't not used, just that its access was quite limited previously to how it is being used today.

    6. When I mention 5d consciousness, or 3d transcendence, what I am referring to, is the emergence of soul memories from the etheric to transfer through the metaportal, into the astral where the form of your soul remains in tandem with the physical vessel. The astral form remains, allowing you to have a full in depth review of your life if you want one, or skip to the etheric as you wish. This is what's known in the medium world as crossing over, although the etheric is just a larger portal to the other dimensions. The celestial dimensions guard the 3d concept, and the cosmic dimensions, as well as the omniac plain, controls the systems to other dimensions throughout the existence of the multiverse. There's dimensions beyond there which link us to the omniverse, which I will talk in depth on later. The goal here, is manifestation through the metaportal to awaken and enlighten spiritual contact on Earth through the portal linking the astral and etheric dimensions together, creating a peace bond of sorts allowing more direct forms of communication and contact to be possible as the energy shifts to allow this ussuring in the age of enlightenment once complete. As is the goal of ascension directed by the god flame incarnate and the possible links to the omniac plain.

    If you get the chance to meet a physical medium, you will have lots to share, talk about and feel. Especially as friends.