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  • Venus Kin
    Venus Kin Appreciate so much effort Elshara! Some of us have been suspended looking for homebase, so gratitude is felt wholheartedly. If we can assist w/overhead, let us know. Because some are not comfortable w/transactions online, furnishing a maiing address we...  more
  • Elshara Silverheart
    Elshara Silverheart I appreciate that, truly. I'll tell you what. If you know how to make a visual symbol or shield, or tech experience or just anything to help our vision carry onward, we'd be a great team for sure. Mainly I just want to support spirit in motion, and while...  more

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An Update On Cosmic Nation

  • It's been over two years since I last activated this part of the web which leaves me to believe, not only did it happen for a reason, but that everything tends to come back around full circle.

    This is partially due to the fact that this platform, which runs on social Engine, hadn't gotten a server update until recently in 2020 when V5 came out. As a server PHP software, that's crucial. I've been closely following developments because I've put a lot of time and effort into making that platform flourish as a stand alone application for other independent platform social network owners.

    In the two years I've been away, I've been exploring traditional forums and other social networking platforms. I had one I was using for awhile in 2019 called PHPFox, which I had ported all the data over from this platform two, because at the time it was getting the updates. Luck would have it that, also in 2019, and going back as far back as some time in 2018, I was also looking at Social Buddy. Social builder, and Hive Flare are other names to this platform. I've been supporting it indirectly over the course of these past two years, also due to the fact that it was getting updates. However, I couldn't justify paying huge monthly fees to that platform any longer, because it just wasn't letting people do what they love to do.

    In that several members of Cosmic Starseed Network informed me of the bugs when posting and trying to comment. I gave it a chance, and paid over $2000.00 towards it, and treated it the same way I did Ning. But the lack of response from developers, and no updates made me have to take another course of action as an investor and really the only one with the network contacts to continue our home. This made me reutilize this backup of the community I had taken, right before I started with the dedicated server payments in 2019. Which lasted until the frequency between my pay checks and the server bill drifted until it expired due to that length of time being exceeded. Which is the whole reason why I invested in Hive Flare in the first place, because I could save the data. And that's why we're now once again on shared hosting with Name Cheap, that's affordable and won't give me just two days to pay the bill. Because their billing system for dedicated servers, is once every 28 days. Whereas for shared server hosting, it's once every 60 days. Which will give me more than enough time to pay what I used to monthly, in exchange for doing so annually.

    Yes, it's important to me that you keep your data no matter where we go. that's why Ning was out in 2018, and I continuously and tirelessly made backups of everything. The issue is portability. And honestly, CPanel does a fantastic job at cross server set up. coming from an independent wegb administrative perspective, a lot of people have switched to chat apps like Me We and Discord for this reason alone. I don't blame you, for checking them out as the perks tend to be a modern interface with little to no data loss.

    As someone whose lost a hard drive containing the most important back ups of what I paid for from 2007 to 2015, I spent a huge chunk of money down on a gaming PC with 32TB of storage space across 3 drives in 2020. I'm not a gamer, but the Alienware Area51 R7 with some additional specks, makes me feel proud of what I've done and continue to work towards doing. Which is literally, just having a community to call home. and of course, the ability to scale it with growth, love and affection. I was most happiest when I knew that I didn't need to worry about something, despite being attracted to the freedom it brings. I'm hoping with the way that physical life is changing, we'll be seeing more familiar values come into alignment for a lot of us. And less of the money is god philosophy that's gripped the rich by storm, and the poor the hardest.

    So, that leaves me to the topic at hand. I did rename Cosmic Nation to Cosmic Friendship. For a few reasons, but most important of all, is that friends matter the most. We can be family, but if we can come together through friendship, there's nothing we can't achieve. Which is the way forward I think for us as multidimensional beings, starseeds, lightworkers and earthkin. We never give up who we love or who we are, as that is the reward we continuously have to show on display when ever we see ourselves in growth and great company. A trend I am solely focused on providing, no matter the cost.

    At least my goal platform wise is to scale the one with the most customization and updates combined, a true community effort. We are not alone.