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Our Detailed Ascension Guide To New Earth

  • Based on personal experience, I wrote this post with many revisions over the course of the past year. This isn't a manual to the running of events, so much as it's a personal reflection of how they've meant something to our spirit in need. You could say, this is our mission in detail. When in actual fact however, life is what we make of it whether we're fully in the body or not having a human or spiritual experience as one respectively.

    Here's my understanding of what we're seeing world wide as change envelopes Earth and her inhabitants. The nature of what comes from feeling, is spirit living the gift of consciousness that life brings.

    Welcome home all multidimensional beings to soul journeys of awakening expressed through cosmic friendship, uniting for a better future. Your return has long since been awaited and we are proud to reconnect with you.

    Our presence is formally established as an online community to awaken our higher self from cosmic isolation. These are our soul journeys.

    We are starseeds, lightworkers, celestial family on Earth. Together we awaken to the spirit within us as we are shown our eternal presence out of body through feeling visions of reality. Our chakras and psychic connection to visitors from beyond Earth's physical dimension help us become aware as the gift of foresight emerges from the stars and our higher self embraces life incarnate during critical moments of reality shifts connecting through social change as planned.

    This is our mission. We are healing our soul family, embracing frequencies of love and light. Remember who you are! We unite to bring peace to all worlds to seed creation with source flame while transitioning towards the age of enlightenment. A place where all beings subjectively, objectively and transitionally, can call their own desired reality, home.

    Hello. My name is Elshara Silverheart and I'm a Sirian B, Alpha Draconian extraterrestrial soul hybrid; starseed; lightworker; psychic and empath.

    Spirit essentially has been nudging me to post something related to My soul mission for the primary purpose of reconnecting with my own soul family and restoring Earth to better the status of humanity. I know as an introductionary article, this may be a little long to read, but it is how I feel from the heart.

    I bless you with unconditional love, and give you my support in times of human civil unrest. We knew it would be difficult incarnating down here, and we also knew, we would not be alone.

    My desire is to make contact with people like you, whose soul alignment is awakened and aware to unlocking the birth and resting place of our origins. Now is our time for healing ourselves, strengthening bonds and making connections with our once isolated star family, soulmates and loved ones across barriers which are now being broken through focused guidance via celestial intervention. The ancient ones are returning, we shall live again.

    Our time to shine is now. Together, we make a difference by embracing the future within, something our very being itself possesses in abundance. I see myself and the mission I am on, as a force to counteract non existence as I believe in liberating this universe, its people and in turn, all of us from the war, oppression and psy operation distractions imposed upon us through world governance. Which is to be replaced with a progressive space age of enlightenment from the one currently in place promoting war, censorship, control and selfserviant ego.

    To belong is to inspire, and because of what I have lived through, my inspiration comes from what I want to live with. From the depths of my soul, here is a message of our reality I want to share with you. This is a higher self understanding shown to me through a state of deep meditation, I do believe that you would find it useful, informative and unifying no matter our differences.

    I'm not sure how aware you are of the current events going on around us, however the saying nothing is as it seems is perfect for what I'm about to explain. Earth has been sending out a cosmic distress signal for a long time due to the signs of unrest her inhabitants and other visitors have set up through soul silencing. And we who heard this call, set out on a soul journey to make things right again.

    In their infinite wisdom, humanity has strove to establish a legacy for themselves using family wealth, electronic inventions and life energy to make an empire of sorts, especially noticeable during the aftermath and wake of war.

    There is a sense of urgency to monitor progress on planets such as Earth where the driving force behind any development of a dominant society is personal gratification due to the rate of entropy at which things grow, last and evolve. What is particularly troubling, is that because this level of energy has been associated with high steaks on other worlds as well, the network of universal change continues to grow and adapt to such a system until each soul inhabiting a presence in this universe faces an uncertain future enforced upon them by an out of control omega factor.

    When this universe was originally created, there was only one rule present. Explore and understand yourself objectively to create the experience of self realization in relation to others around you. This gave birth to free will, and in doing so, populated many planets as they formed with new souls looking to create cycles of conscious awareness split from their celestial connectivity.

    All this was going well, until, as ancient history would have it, things got interrupted, when an invading force or dimension started to tear at the walls of our reality, causing the ripple effect from event 0 which was their presence itself in two worlds at once. Starting out in the Orion system, and has been keeping at it ever since.

    What has been born from such a change, became known as worlds of isolated populations controlled by peaceful souls turned war like oppressors resulting in chaotic energy from spirit and matter colliding into a battle of constant focus and shifting of ideals, values and strengths as powers fought for an established presence.

    Many ages ago, relative to Earth years, life existed across several worlds. Founded through imperial conquest, today, these worlds along with several others have been added to a type of Corporatocracy that has left countless souls wishing for something better out of many lifetimes of suffering.

    Amidst an on going crisis of alien temporal shifting, the original plan for soul growth throughout this universe, that we will name Elom, is to allow all beings universal access and freedom to their identity and to change their life as they see fit without restrictions. This model, due to an invasion of warring domination, was scrapped before it could be completed, and as a result, many worlds were either abandoned or left suffering under duress of such a force. It just so happens these same worlds many years later, are the original planets whose people fought for domination rather than for peace, and in doing so, lowered their soul vibration and those around them.

    Known as the Orion wars, which still go on currently, however slight their influence is felt here, fluctuations in reality occur due to the nature of battling forces vying for total control, and so it is up to those who can steer us away from tyranny to fix what could otherwise be a takeover of universal affairs from happening.

    A group of us, known for desiring such a change, which should have been our cosmic birth right all along, set out against all odds to perform such a quest world by world, in an effort to promote the original peace plan of source flame.

    With things as they are, being the case to such an extent that the past, the present and the future are measured relative points of an ever presently aware now, we are seeing shifts in reality due to itself becoming a reflection of who we are and all that we do. The more major a shift that happens, the less room we have for diversity.

    The reason why they are happening in the first place, is directly due to cosmic isolation which caused the Original need to flee domination, resulting in our souls standing up to this invasive force in worlds where we have forgotten so much of our cosmic history because of our isolation, that our only goal is to survive and thrive against forces which we are not opposed to over ruling if necessary. By doing so, it has instilled war across all worlds this struggle has touched after the fact.

    Earth, a collective cosmic space hub world is one of many, and as this operation is carried out simultaneously, we are pulling double duty while healing from our own cosmic history as best we can. The more we can come out of the closet without fear, or outright hostility, the quicker this process shall manifest.

    Representing our original curators, our absolute front line force called starseeds are responsible for seeding enough local world history throughout our lifetimes when we were incarnated there, having the power to bring soul knowledge into any incarnation cycle, in order to directly change the course of the future by making the past something to learn from. This is required so that we can bring new energies in and lead by example the world we change at heart.

    Acting as the catalyst for starting our awakening process, for our soul to connect with the conscious mind, we invoke Vision as a force always with us to show us who we are. No matter what we forget, we are hardwired to the being we are once our incarnation presences are born into the veil of amnesia and have lifted through visualization and deep soul searching from within. Realizing this, we shall emerge and start to tear down the old system to make conscious reality progressively align to all cosmic civilization standards.

    Such a project is known for its hard work specifically in transcending consciousness. To make a reality shift happen, transitioning materialized manifestations on the physical level requires direct contact, intervention and dedication to creating an alternative accessible reality by action alone. So in order to seed every world with original knowledge of the cosmos, we then must hand over our front line job of maintaining such a world standard over to those who will keep it going and enhance it amidst a local few. Whose goal, is to encourage the entire population to continue to keep such practices in alignment making the temporal shifts fluctuate less, until one finally emerges as being stable enough to build a universal foundation atop of.

    The idea is to not evolve, but actually liberate, worlds to be able to freely be open to traverse, explore and build lives on without any one life having to face uncontrollable hardships. As learning experiences evolve, inclings shall guide us to outwardly find a way to become the change we already are. As starseeds bring others into such a conquest to perform a similar mission, known as lightworkers. Setting the ground work for peace, the most important change we shall always remember is that all souls matter as one.

    Together, we have been awakening across the universe to put things right. The reason why incarnation was chosen as a method, was so that each and every world who has souls on it, could provide one big push, to corner those who continue to oppress us so we may grow out of their hold once and for all before continuing on to discovering our own goals as individuals once a new understanding has been set in place.

    I am along with several others are in fact members of such a group, overseeing the transition of the consciousness shift and our objective is simply to end war altogether, especially the main battle which has never yet came to a much needed end. Ultimately the force driving peace to victory is an inward revolution to remember who we truly are, instead of forgetting who we are not amidst experiencing displacement and feeling alone at the onset of our higher self governing our actions and the offset of a familiar change in direction upon the path being taken.

    To this beginning, our aim is to enlighten the cosmos, and indeed this current planet with a way of life not only to be remembered, but ignite a celestial fire long since recessed into its own version of forgotten history, a type of hell we vow never to repeat again so we may remember each other across any lengths.

    Our group is also responsible for ensuring the well being of not only source flame, but history, as the cosmos evolves back into its original purpose, healing from decisions that have commenced havoc in many ways to disrupt our natural existence.

    By our very nature, we allow partially awakened if not fully awakened psychics and balanced healers a place to enhance our cause and unite to join a movement of souls pushing the boundaries of possibility towards pulling in the energy of our soul and broadcasting our dreams to the universe.

    To get involved while physically incarnated from Earth, we ask that you be prepared for shifts to come, and remember who you are regardless of how large the wave manifests. We will guide you through it all, and show you how to heal and project love and awareness to every being who needs it most. this is something I've already personally started doing to help other people who were abandoned find their soul group.

    Through meditation, we connect to the portal of the star gates and cosmic realms of existence, in addition, our mission is to set free people trapped by the veil of amnesia and the Karmic debt program amidst many other currently running psy operations which are designed to distract and enforce values and virtues which have no baring to life itself. They must collapse for in their place shall stand one program, of sovereign exploration of our home we shall inhabit by our life force and our will to connect and establish a web of cosmic unity.

    For the most part, the astral plain is where spiritual matters remain steadfast, and as our purpose shines brighter, so two will our oppressors cease their ministrations and go back willingly, or be enforced back whether they like it or not, to where they came from in every sense. It is one of our main bases of operation, along with the etheric, the ciber space and the physical avatars we embody.

    You must not feel pressured, for this task does require dedication, but it is one where the reward is a reunion long since imagined prior to our current understanding of who family truly is. A symphony of resilient soul vibrations.

    We are liberating the universe from the people who have harmed its inhabitants, restoring love, harmony and connections where they were headed before event zero came to be, through no fault of our own.

    Yes, it's true, universes have borders just like nations do. They, and we, are defended and such, as our collective consciousness becomes aware of itself and its potential.

    To change one life, is to adapt another to the same situation. To change all lives, is to adapt the situation to the need of all who ask for it, so shall it stand.

    We who have understood what is going on, come to identify with such a chain of events as things which happen when there is nowhere to turn to for assistance and very little time to reflect on things done. When the time to act before you think has been in effect with secrecy and disconnection as its primary backing, this is how people begin their state of undeserved suffering.

    Oppression is the leading central force that cripples the freedom of diversity. Built on a system of enforced approval, the will to live is driven back by the prospect of stability. Under such a rule, you can be sure, whatever follows oppression is temporary, as its influence cannot withhold itself forever. Operating under duress through constraints provided by agents of chaos and eventually destruction,, Earth has been a recipient of such a structure of governance for far too long, according to soul memories proving that we are in the midst of exiting this planet from a false matrix of cosmic isolation.

    Creating a solution to remedy such a problem at hand relies on the essence of civil maturity and an understanding of selfless equality. That same face stands up to a common enemy, one worn united to protect, defend and respect in order to transcend worlds of hate into love. As such is the definition of a foundation that is a part of who we are collectively, our instinctual vision helps us change phases of environmental unrest through awareness of injustice to adapt to the progressive evolution of conscious form by cancelling out enforced spots of conflict, as in the situations we are facing currently in 3d as well as interdimensionally.

    Projects of this nature are turning war zones into gardens, hungry children into thriving families, pollution and waste into recycled matter, to name a few. Such a trend is absolutely encouraging to see, it is apart of what we are here to help build momentum for, while remaining distant enough to tackle much larger events awaiting much needed constructive attention.

    Anything timeless and truly inspiring to build a foundation from, is honourable to me especially because that is how legends are born. Many people speak of love, peace and enlightenment beyond Earth, an admirable goal. I have been researching something near death experience related, and have been working for some time with psychics and other field experts to determine the meaning behind why such a vision is so universally hard to reach for. Particularly where the influence of power, knowledge and an accepted social position in life has not amounted to obtaining such for either most of us or our future when it is so close at hand.

    What spirit has shown me, is that we are seeing civil conquest, games of the mind and distractions from soul awakening by people who forget or are asleep to their celestial origins. You may be someone curious of who you are, but are unsure of how to move forward with your identity. I was like that many years ago and it has led me to realize that what we know from within, we feel throughout our journey as our thirst for knowledge and hunger for change grows, so two does our circle inside and outside of the physical body expand and contract at will in response.

    Chief of such desires, is and always will be, the soul right to escape conflict. More specifically, to escape isolation and being stranded by not being able to interact with beings, people and positions in life that promote a sense of belonging, hope and a guiding force of assistance.

    Many angels, spirit guides and factions of extradimensional organizations, such as the Ashtar Command, Galactic Federation, Celestial Kindred and other alliances, for Earth and other realms around our home universe, have often been actively fighting some opposing presence or other representing a fraction of those who are alongside us all throughout this universal ordeal.

    The origins of such a presence lies in our understanding of what has transpired to lead us to moments of strength by congregation, in other words, a face to stand for, of which there are many and not all of them have been able to communicate with one another despite attempts to do so with relative measures of success.

    Their work has enabled some of us incarnated here to remember who we are, alongside visualization itself using electronic means to convey imaging on Earth for example or seeing things directly in dreams of our relative history.

    This is another reason why simultaneous action on many worlds at once through incarnations there helps to speed up the process of fixing events to where we the people can truly take back our home universe. Respectfully distancing ourselves from other timelines where collision may result in relative isolation due to there being a non dominant reality in effect.

    As it happens, this isn't a problem, so long as realities that choose to coexist, with one another do not invade. As this rule was broken long ago, so invoked the problems we see stemming from that decision today to where the multiverse has to be redefined by who we are for what we progress to in our own time.

    On Earth, when we experience events in 3d, to embark on a journey of smooth transition to either ascension or descension, there is always vision which has guided us through the rough times to make it happen. What this means, is that we're simply here together to be in this world, but not of it. For a long time, we have been on the outside of mundane affairs, looking in on the partial border between worlds, dimensions and realms which have held our interest and the trade for favours by other non native visiting beings.

    To the very casual observer, our role thus far has been one of conscious indifference, to grow beyond the attack of that which is not similar to fit the persona of or mirror the actions of the powers that be.

    We're here to break the cycles of entrapment that others have enforced, and who have been afraid to let go of the stagnant structure of hardship and pyramid like turmoil we have endured pretty much by association to worlds who need but until now have not been able to sustain a consistent, stable and reliable release from isolated and corrupt states of consciousness.

    Such endurance has come to an end for Earth, and it is time to let the universe know we are ready to take on any resistance that will fight us to make it stick.

    It is our wish for Earth to be given her cosmic place among the stars, and for us to be able to set this event in motion, we need to network, coordinate with each other and establish a community of volunteers willing to be able to see things for what they are, and, mind games be damned, correct history to the path of personal and reflective understanding of the person who we are outside of the survivalists we've had to become. But more than that, to become the soul within each and every one of us to make enough change to place the age of peace and enlightenment in motion.

    In short, the time for insanity has long since been shown the door and on its way out, our job is to not let it take us with it.

    I truly believe, we embrace all of who we are for a reason. It's not a game of dark versus light, or this versus that. The polarity of such a system has been guiding us to nowhere for far too long. We truly need the awakening of inner knowledge to feel from within our soul memories the love from the heart of what we desire to become. I've seen many people struggle with this because of their physical challenges, differences and it pains me to say it, but they matter little to spirit. The biggest lie ever told is that separation and forgetfulness is bliss, and that's precisely why humanity is so chaotic and has been bringing up traits of themselves to the surface of this world, one we are all starting to see the fruits of everyone's non focus give rise to. And yet, our own path in life is the same, yet viewed so differently from others that it is paradoxical to look at and not know or see yourself in the reflections of others around us.

    What really drove this point home for me personally, is seeing people be uprooted from something they know to be able to guide another person who is unaware of things as they are and not be able to do so or get punished for trying. The fault or blame game is so past due on its expiration date here, that it serves no purpose to have to live with extended consequences of an action made through lack of understanding. How can we heal a planet and its people from egotistical accountability who is not aware of their actions in full relativity to others? And more to the point, service to isolation over service to existence, that's the true crime being committed here time and time again. We must heal ourselves first to realize we are spiritual beings living a human life.

    In order to make such problems go away and to change existing solutions to adapt to such a system of soul enlightenment, we're here to educate, inspire and grow hope for ourselves and by doing so, effect the lives of others around us by being the change necessary for Earth herself to recover from the damage done by human developments under chaotic listlessness.

    As a result, our goal is to maintain, align to and become the embodiment of the soul within, and by meditating on the core of who you are with all chakras open, this can and has been achieved for many of us. What this will do, is strengthen the experiences you have with the knowledge of what they mean to you.

    To start with, visualize yourself at the focal point of what you care for most. Draw in the energy to you, vortex it and funnel it like a beacon. Affirm your commitment to the task at hand, now all feelings you are given, will come with flashes of memory proving they are not only real, but that they align to the world you are apart of in spirit and belong to exist for in your time. Such energy transference is the essence of love in action of which you made happen.

    Speaking on behalf of the current mission, our work however, is far from over. We are caught in the crossfires between a stable life, and a progressive cosmic future, the two of which should not be mutually distant. We have to be able to incarnate or be recognized for our achievements to date to further this goal, which is why social realities have evolved into social trends.

    The gift of foresight has shown us all something similar about where we stand, as well as our future. To which, only our actions can bring about the diminishing termination of the forces who would sooner see us forget who we are, to be replaced with what we align with in the midst of a more hostile, invasive attack and takeover of the universe we call home.

    This cannot, and shall not stand. Which means, we are experiencing a direct call to action, for those of us tired of doing nothing and watching others in their physical energy, be ignored while they themselves give in to the chaotic insanity of remaining dormant, unaware catalysts for the type of change that has the potential to destroy the systems our soul memories can recall establishing in the first place.

    The age old question, how can you help? Comes to mind, as for the answer, its simple. Become known for a lasting change in social and progressive development by any means necessary. Once that is done, watch the universe become freely accessible to all of its inhabitants no matter which world or dimension we belong to. On Earth, such activism won't be in the form of a protest, but a realization. That, all of a sudden, you have reason enough to discontinue being responsible for the harm of another being due to their position in life. Furthermore, it will promote people to return to communal assistance, which is the oldest known form of civilization there is.

    I decided for myself that Now is as good a time as ever to wake up, realize my potential to make and be the difference no matter what and join in the mission to truly be a part of the team to become inspired and empowered through service to existence, where universal missions are happening around us on every world at the same time, to make our home a better place. Earth's previous involvement in service to isolation comes from the star system of Orion, where many deals were made to halt the progressive advancement of humans to attempt to create a universal army of warriors for the sake of making our home a location for tyranny and limited dictatorship.

    I vow that While I'm here, I will work towards ending a future for Earth under its engagement to service for isolation. Spirit has impressed upon me a task, to prevent this by refusing to bow down to the censorship of progressive and domineering looming threats of silence, imprisonment of knowledge and its wrongful separated loss of our soul right to the power of destined exploration. We are the citizens of a free universe, that is not governed by stupid, archaic bullies of a project designed to try to disrupt our evolution which was seen for what it was, a failure long ago.

    Are you willing to help us grow to achieve this goal? Have you been shown through spirit, the clarity and love of beings who are standing by us to be the vibration we were gifted with? I want to hear from you, and specifically, help guide you closer to know as much as you can about the vision we share in common from our own perspective, standpoint and soul journey. Together we are not alone, and that is my reason for coming to you with this information. Your presence is necessary to achieve through spirit, heart, mind and physical action, the vibration we all desire to dream and embrace into all worlds of our home reality. As a gathering of united spirits, we must strengthen the barriers against who we are not, and remember we are all connected for the presence that we are. This means, the soul within takes precedence over the job you are tasked with, because you are here, the world who recognizes and acknowledges your presence is already a better place.

    This is of course optional, and my own journey reflects free will in this way. Yet the urgency of stabilization, is something I truly know I can't ignore. If you feel the same, join me in meditation and more to the point, the sharing of love for all things useful and productive, as together we're taking back the journey of our collective spirits by the blessing of source flame so mote it be.

    It is my related intention to somehow, reunite and establish the starseed lightworker community by promoting a platform to share via the internet a medium in which to communicate, establish and empower a power base of exponential importance to the cause of soul liberation and forge a sovereign alliance through the influence of free thought, personal will and celestial ownership. I'm absolutely sure and confident that I am not the only one with this goal, and I feel saddened the people who came before us had to prematurely face so much hardship with it that it was abandoned before it was guided to completion.

    Soul journeys of awakening expressed through cosmic friendship has rekindled my desire to be apart of something, to belong, and to appreciate you as a companion on the journey of exploration and love. My heart sings joy to you, and my soul feels at peace.

    Created with us in mind, focusing on this project has given me a great sense of accomplishment and hope for a future of better ways. You truly have made my day just by being here with me, and that is how regardless I choose to remember you. Our journey has just begun. Blessed be. I hope we may share many moments together.

    Sincerely, Elshara