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Clarity Among Psychics

  • Discovering that there is clarity among psychic seers is something we all go through in different ways. Here's why.

    Clarity has often felt like a double edged sword. On one hand, it is either all or nothing. On the other, it has the potential to become clouded with emotion and environmental disharmony. Knowing you are a visionary, means that if you have the ability to focus, you can clear away the distractions which bother you from achieving the potential you desire to create. Passion can be key.

    Communicating this passion however, is challenging. Particularly in the 3d realm to say the least. We are not always guided to focus on the things which matter most, that help us navigate. And, what is more, we have trouble finding assistance with navigation of the inner self to transition to the outer being, leading us closer to the path of the unconventional both in polarity and in desperation. At times, this may be a foreseeable event in our history. Particularly in transition, or as hope for a new beginning during an existing opening of a doorway to some avenue of new success in our lives. Yet such pitfalls have their draw backs, when we feel as though there's no doorway linking us to the closing of the one we were watching.

    Our minds as such, can become very fragmented. As if, they were running on auto pilot just to be heard. Yes, this feeling is nothing new. In fact, it is rather like trying to find peace in any type of object, be it responsive or just something to put energy into. Hoping for the best, while loving your living attachment as close to you as an attachment can be. Such objects don't always resonate with everyone, and when people in leadership positions try to use them as a tool of empowerment, they are so often misunderstood and taken to new unforeseen hights as the visionary had intended to focus on.

    Clarity in the modern world, or perhaps, in this 3d planet, is hard to come by. People are so focused on what they want, they forget to listen to what they have. this negates the need to review what is and isn't working to figure out what can be improved, and what doesn't need much progression once matured. Knowing the whole picture is a vital skill seers use regularly to envision their dreams no matter what they face. It is often the job of the believer, to recognize the vision of the leaders of the time we are faced with to help carry it forward without having to be asked directly to do so. for this brings about a new type of seer as the generations unfold. For the future, and historically in our past, seers have done more for humanity and in deed this entire planet than any other group of people. Seers created our reality we embody today. Seers who knew the art of letting go of distraction, to focus on the world of creation and responsive progression.

    So, all that needs to be done, is recognizing the clear minded among us. Quite some time ago, a few celestials sat down with one another, called the star councils to devise a way to do just that. the idea was simple enough, just send someone willing to deliver messages to people in as clear cut a way as possible. Those who accepted this mission, well, to be more exact, we who are still here, have completed the portal to ascension. However we're in no way done yet. The job of us as seers, or star seeds, light workers, and visionaries, is to ensure that we are held responsible for the progression of humanity so we may all unite through the stars and beyond.

    Perhaps, our mission as a collective is to become future guardians, although in truth, taking the long way around, particularly where you only know what will happen in the moment, is not as easy as it sounds. Did we know this at the time? Of course not. And so the veil of amnesia, until recently, became something we had to push for to be understood by that which vision helps us along. and in doing so, we increased the ascension process the more we kept in contact with one another, and continued to unknowingly, achieve the same or similar understanding through our own paths and lives simultaneously. think, the big picture, only a live one.

    Progressively, we became a new type of visionary. Something you can thank 3d science for calling Pseudo reality. In truth, we are somewhat of a hybrid mindset and this may help us transition to a full manifestation from pure thought alone if we keep at it. This is what our true desire aims for, and our spirit can relate to most. Not all of us are ancient cosmic beings, however we are connected to the god flame, and that which remains wanting to be in the know, understands the clarity of vision itself. We create what we want, and do not always need to rely on others who knew how to invent what was needed. For we could use existing inventions to help us start to invent something new with them.

    For this reason alone, you will notice on Earth that spirituality and science including fictional reality, come from the same concept. Pure creation, through vision and clarity. Helping to distract you from not knowing this, is the reason why ascension here has been stagnant for so long. We had to realize what we already knew from our ancient past, so that we did not make the same mistakes they did to keep us trapped. Yes, that is a very real movement, those who desire to uncreate. which is why they create distraction, as it is their tool they have used for ever, in reference here to the dark Cabal, making us unaware and controling the material 3d plain for this long already. the astral, being a place where the etheric was never being treated as a law onto itself as a part of the system.

    While we are aware of warriors attempting to create blocks of censorship to rule over it still, we are not prepared to abandon ship. In truth, we never have left. and neither have they. whatever celestial war we have yet to discover, we will soon realize we have it in us to uncreate. Our goal as communicators, is to use the tools we saw as that which we created to help us realize our spiritual identity. In an effort to return the cosmos to a state of unity and diversity, from the energy of creation, instead of the voids which has entrapped us through destructive means. We know that the forces of interdimensional creation are elemental by nature, created from energy, and guided by vision alone. this for now, is the battle ground, until some other method becomes available for us to utilize to make real. Which is the importance in realizing with clear vision as a seer, becomes great empowerment as a believer and chief.

    It is time for the silence to end. for better, or for worse, moving ahead with a plan will become our greatest strength in holding on to who we are as a soul. This will be the emergence of the god flame awakening in all of us, so we may let go of the ego which effects us to replace it with love, passion and the vision we seek to let us be remembered. We are not a legacy, we are a living library. And the universe will be our building. Expanding the original creation of the universe, so it may know its existence through us as spirits of star space.